Pregnancy Protection

A major concern during pregnancy is to protect the unborn child from excessive EMF pollution and microwave radiation since this can damage the fragility of growing cells. It is a proven fact that EMF and RF radiation affects the cells of the young more than adults, especially in the brain. Therefore a pregnant mother is often advised to avoid strong sources of EMF radiation.

Boiling everything down to basics, here are the various options to consider when you are worried about these issues:

1 – First clean up the various sources of EMF radiation in your home, especially in the bedroom. Use “Electronic Feng Shui” to reposition appliances and electronics in the home to minimize your sleeping time exposure to EMFs.  You can install a Faraday canopy over your bed if the bedroom is exposed to too much RF radiation and you particularly want protection from microwave radiation; when the child is born you can also put a faraday canopy over the crib.

2 - Wear clothes made of silver fabric that shield you from excessive levels of EMF – belly bands and shirts that are great shields for abdominal area; all sorts of clothes are a great way to take care of  “PERSONAL SHIELDING” for microwave and EMF radiation (but not for magnetic radiation). The most popular items are the Hoodie, eSmog pants and then T-shirts

3 - Always pay attention to your environment to stay away from strong sources of radiation, such as microwave ovens. If you use a computer, position it further away from where you sit. Don’t cradle your laptop in your lap either,  especially  when you are pregnant.  Don’t carry a cell phone in your pocket.

The most popular EMF protection devices or solutions  to help protect pregnant mothers are, in order of popularity:

1.  The shielded HOODIE that looks just like other ordinary clothing but protects  your upper body

2. The Faraday shielded  BED CANOPY that protects you from EMF and microwave radiation while sleeping.

3. eSmog pants

4. Silver Shielded Tank Tops and T-shirts

5. Shielded aprons  for when using microwave ovens


Here’s what the Faraday canopy looks like for the bedroom, and many people prefer this to the hassle of using shielded paint. The canopies are available in Queen and King size; King is more popular because of the extra size. One individual told me that shielding canopies were first developed for the military to protect sensitive electrical equipment, and then hospitals started using them when  they found  that the patients who had undergone operations were healing faster when sleeping in a canopy, but I have not found any information to confirm this.

Most people have zero problems with canopies, but  about 1/3 of people sleeping under a canopy will sleep well for the first 10-14 days (two weeks) and then be restless for a short number of days (as their body gets used to the fact that there are no electric fields anymore), and then sleep well thereafter. For that 1/3, it’s just like going through withdrawal from alcohol. Though you can buy shielded fabric and make one on your own, it’s often easier to just buy the canopy to make sure  it’s done right. You can move it to other rooms, such as by putting it around a baby’s crib. The big issue to protecting your bedroom  is to first find out where you have the highest EMF or microwave radiation exposure. If the source is  radiation entering through your windows, you might just use shielding fabric that is turned into a curtain, or you might cover your windows with shielded plastics. The canopy has the advantage that it protects you from radiation that is coming in from all directions (such as a nearby cellphone tower, your neighbor’s WLAN or house WIFI,etc.). That makes this an easy product to get rid of the problem.  If you have a baby you want to protect, you can use a canopy or  hang a big piece of shielded fabric in front of your baby´s bed.


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Hoodie - An extremely popular item for protecting the upper body and head. Not only is it a silver lined  shielding garment but it is something that no one will notice!  It is very inconspicuous so you can wear it in an environment that is bombarded by RF all the time and you won’t be shunned by others for protecting yourself because they won’t even know it!  Made from very comfortable 90% Rayon and 10% Silver, the high conductivity of silver causes Silverell to have antistatic behavior which is great for high static environments. Furthermore, because it is made with silver,  silver’s ability to kill germs helps reduce body odor and inhibits the growth of bacteria. All sizes available …  just wash in cold water, delicate cycle, line dry. It’s extremely lightweight so you can wear it all year long. EXTREMELY POPULAR – versatile, inconspicuous and WORKS!


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ESmog Pants - Very popular, and made of the same Silverell fabric used to make the Hoodies. The eSmog pants offer radio frequency shielding (using the Faraday cage principle) to protect your entire leg. They are stretchable, loose fitting, and can fit under regular pants or serve as pajamas. Testing shows they provide modification to at least 99% in the frequency range of 30 MHz to 18 GHz. Composition: 83.7 % Modal. 16.3 % Polyamide yarn with 99% pure silver. Buy now before the price of silver shoots up!




Silver Shielded  Tank Tops and T-shirts  - Many women going through  pregnancy like these silver-plated undergarments that reflect away EMF radiation. You  wear these very comfortable (and sheer — nice!) garments over your regular underwear to shield yourself from powerline and computer electric fields, and microwave, radar, and TV radiation. The garments come in all sizes and are made of stretchable, washable nylon mesh that is  electrically conductive.



EMF and RF Shielded Aprons - Do you  work at a TV or radio station, as an air traffic controller, as a research or hospital worker, or anywhere that people are commonly exposed to RF radiation? Are you pregnant and cook with a microwave oven? This is for you!  This  apron is constructed using cotton based Staticot™ shielding fabric which shields against EMF and radio frequencies. It especially offers “neck to hip” protection for pregnant women, computer and microwave oven users!


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