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There are countless EMF, magnetic and microwave meters in the marketplace. The choices are overwhelming with some meters costing as much as several thousand dollars. You can spend hours trying to figure out which meter is best and if you don’t have that sort of problem, you may have wasted your money. I’ve already done the hours of research for you. In fact, I can guarantee this will save you a lot of time and money because I spoke to  experts in the field who have been monitoring EMF-microwave-magnetic radiation for decades, diagnosing problems in the workplace or home, and installing  solutions for those problems. Their conclusions were unanimous.

First, don’t spend a lot of money on EMF meters. You can go broke buying a multi-thousand dollar meter that you just don’t need. These are good enough. These three simple meters will do most everything you need done int arms of EMF measurement, and they are inexpensive. If you expect a certain type of problem in your home (such as excessive microwave radiation because you live near a cell phone tower), then start with that meter first. Otherwise, try dealing with electrosensitivity, electrosmog, or electropollution problems in the following order: EMF radiation, microwave radiation, magnetic field radiation.

If you cannot get all three meters at once, then try to solve one  radiation protection problem at a time. Here are the suggestions for the best EMF meters you should consider.


** To measure EMF Electric and Magnetic Radiation: Don’t look for anything else, just get the Trifield Meter (a gaussmeter) because as your first step toward diagnosing electromagnetic fields in your home or office.  It measures everything that’s important and is the best product for your money, so this is the #1 meter   to get you started and there is no better alternative. Why this one?  It combines EMF, electrical, and radio/microwave field detection in one handy device and can measure high-frequency magnetic fields coming from more than one direction (whereas other meters that cost this low only measure fields in one direction and only in low frequency ranges).

Once again, don’t look at any other meters as it is inexpensive and is  easy to use, and can measure electric and magnetic fields and radio/microwave radiation.  This meter will let you check for excessive EMF pollution from your house wiring,  microwave oven, televisions, computers, and other electrical appliances including checking your home when you live near a power line. If you want to take the first step to cleaning up electro-pollution in your environment, you start with this meter.


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** To measure  Radio and Microwave Radiation:  3 Axis RF meter -  According the Bau-Biologie exposure standards, the safe level of RF radiation for  sleep should be below 1 uW/m2 (microWatts per square meter) and below 0.1 uW/m2 for digital pulsed radiation signals. This meter will allow youth measure these levels with ease. Find out if you are being exposed to too much microwave radiation such as from cell phone towers or other sources.
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** To determine whether there is a high degree of Dirty Electricity in the office or home: Stetzer meter –  You plug this meter into an electrical outlet to determine the levels of a special type of EMF high-frequency pollution in your home or office; it  measures only the high frequency noise which may exist in your electrical wiring that often causes irritability problems in some electrosensitive individuals. It is   easy to use and gives instant readings so that you can determine the outlets in your home or office which have dirty electricity, or  the hot spots in my home with offending electronics.


Click here to buy this Stetzer Dirty House Electricity Meter and then if the electricity is “dirty” you solve the problem by simply buying a few Stetzer filters and plugging them into the wall where needed. What is dirty electricity? Every time you plug in an electrical appliance or device, you create RF radio frequencies.The wiring of your entire house or building  acts as an antenna for these frequencies and this type of EMF radiation can affect some people. The solution is so simply you might want to skip the meter and do it anyway. Just plug in the digital Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter; if it reads 30 or above, you need a Stetzer (or “Stetzerizer”) filter  in that  electrical outlet. Usually about 20 filters are required for an average-size house.


** Body Voltage Meter – This meter determines the level of electricity that builds up within your body (some people don’t discharge it) because  of exposure to alternating AC fields. In other words, it checks the level of  your own body’s electrical fields caused by outside sources. Alternating AC fields induce voltages within your body, which can then disturb the biological processes of the cells since they operate on a very minuscule level of electrical voltage which is now being over-written. You use a Body Voltage Meter to report on this induced AC body voltage.


Get this Body Voltage Meter and if the readings are high (as listed in the manual), you take action by reducing the sources of EMF in your home or office, and touching a grounding pad now and then.


** Checking Smart Meter Emissions – This is a specialized device you should get only if you absolutely know you have a smart meter problem and want very accurate readings to be documented.  It costs several hundred dollars, so don’t buy it unless your health is impacted and your need accurate readings. This advanced meter easily detects cell phone towers, cordless phones even microwave oven leaks.

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** The best Radiation Geiger CounterSafecast -It’s not being sold yet but this is the one to get when it’s done. It was built by individuals in Japan who’ve taken over 3 million radiation readings after Fukushima, and who used every radiation detector out there. They made a new geiger counter that can measure alpha, beta and gamma matter!

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