Cell Phones & Computers

There are two common devices that typically require more shielding: Cell phones and laptop computers. In particular, people are most often looking for a way to protect themselves from cellphone radiation since they know this can produce health problems.

The most often recommended products by experts in the field (also most popular)  are the following  solutions:


1. CELL PHONE EMF RADIATION PROTECTION: Use a case if you carry it on your body in order to shield your vitals, and also use headsets. If you have problems with compliance for the case, use a plastic film for your cell phone. When making cell phone calls, remember to switch sides frequently. Remove Wi-Fi and cordless phone chargers in the bedrooms

* Keep cell phone calls short
* Get the cell phone out of your pocket
* Text rather than call whenever possible
* Use the phone in hands-free mode versus up to your head/ear

Here are the items most frequently purchased for cell phone protection, listed in order of popularity and importance:

1. BlocSock – protects your phone, shields your body while carrying it and also shields your head when you are making calls


2. Ear Buds or Ear hooks – reduce the radiation reaching your head and yet you still get crystal clear sound. Why get one of these? Although many people believe that using a cell-phone headset reduces the amount of radiation entering the head, Several studies have shown that the wires in a standard cellphone headset can actually increase the amount of electromagnetic radiation transmitted to your head by up to 3 times. Yeah — 300%! That’s because the wire acts as an antenna and leads  the EM fields from the phone into your head, which  you want to protect. The Ear Buds or Ear Hooks headset use a special stethoscopic air stream technology based on pneumatic tubes that is similar to a doctor’s stethoscope in sending   sound through an air-filled wireless tube to your ear. Thus these headsets reduce  the  radiation reaching your head from the earpiece.


3. Silvershield – shielded case for iPhones (iPhone 4and 4S) that reduces radiation to your head by 80%




2. LAPTOP COMPUTER PROTECTION: Buy a Harapad. The problem is that Laptop computers emit a very high magnetic field from their base  and additionally annoying heat. If you place a laptop computer on your lap when you are using it, guess where all that radiation goes? For both men and women, there’s a certain vital area we need to protect that’s just below the laptop!

The HARApad Elite is the best solution for laptop users. It is designed to act as a shield between a source of magnetic field radiation   and the part of your body that is below the shield — your vitals. These are very popular and make a great gift for obvious reasons — they protect the jewels of reproduction. Protect this area with a Harapad, especially if you are thinking of having kids. It is the easiest and simplest one-step solution.







3. HOME “DIRTY ELECTRICITY” STETZER FILTER PROTECTION - I put these in the same place as cellphone and laptop helpers because they are so convenient. Basically, many homes have what’s called “dirty electricity.” High frequencies run through your house wiring, and some people can actually feel this because the higher frequencies are more biologically active. Studies have shown that  headaches, tiredness, poor short term memory, fatigue,  nausea,  irritability are reactions of electro-sensitive people to high-frequency EMF pollution  carried in house wiring.

Stetzer filters are a solution containing special electronic circuitry that drains the high-frequency pollution out of the wiring system.  They do not use electricity (but they could reduce your utility bill) and don’t interfere with any electrical devices in the house at all including   computers, televisions or other appliances. To install, you just plug them into an outlet! The Stetzer (or Stetzerizer)  filters are portable, so you can move them from one room to another. You can buy them for an entire house (20 is usually enough) or just a few rooms you feel might warrant the attention.


Click here to order some Stetzer filters for your home and cut down on dirty electricity running through the house wiring.