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emotional support animal letter to landlordBest Selling EMF Protection Devices

Here are the best selling products people most often buy, in order of importance, for (diagnosing) getting to the root of EMF-microwave-magnetic field electrosensitivity issues so that you can protect yourself and your family. Detection comes first, so most people buy one or both of these popular meters, which do the job nicely, and/or they sometimes skip to solutions and just buy products 3-4-5 to protect themselves since they are so inconspicuous and Work!

1. Trifield Meter

2. 3 Axis RF Meter


These are the personal products individuals most often buy to protect themselves from EMF and microwave radiation:

3. Hoodie – It looks like any other hoodie, is light weight, wears all year round. You can wear it at the office or in schools or over environments where you are bombarded with RF all the time and because it is so is inconspicuous you won’t be shunned for protecting yourself.

4. Baseball Cap to protect the head. It looks like any other baseball cap, doesn’t stand out, and shields your brain.

5. Blocsock for your cell phone so that cellphone radiation doesn’t reach into your brain when you are using the phone, and protects the waistline if you keep the cell phone in your pocket