Dangers of EMF Pollution

There is no doubt that we are being exposed to ever increasing amounts of electromagnetic, magnetic, and microwave radiation. Countless health problems have been linked to these increasing levels of radiation including autism, sleeplessness, irritability, lack of focus, and even longer latency conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimers. The stronger the EMF fields we are exposed to, the greater the chances that these energies will interrupt our metabolic functions. But how do you determine if electromagnetic radiation is at a level that could be adversely affecting your health, such as your peace of mind? You must first diagnose the problem. DETECTION is your first step. Detection and diagnosis come first!

There are 4 types of radiation you should check for in your home or work environment:

1 – Excessive electromagnetic radiation, or EMF
2 – Microwave radiation
3 – Magnetic fields
4 – Dirty Electricity

You should check all areas of work or home where you spend a lot of time for excessive levels of electromagnetic pollution. In particular you must check the bedroom because this is where you need to rest. There are three questions you must always ask: (1) Are the electromagnetic levels high where you spend your time? (2) Which of these 4 type of radiation is it? (3) Where is it coming from?

Once you have found a problem, there are 4 common solutions to the issue:

  • Turn off the offending device, disconnect it or put it on a timer
  • Increase your distance from the problem, move it away from you
  • Replace it with a lower EMF alternative or go WIRED vs. wireless
  • Put shielding around the offending device

There are 4 different types of meters used to diagnose EMF problems, and if you cannot check all types of EMF radiation at once, we suggest you partition the year into quarters, or halves, and set a goal of diagnosing and then reducing the levels of each type of radiation in  turn during one of these periods. Remember the laws of physics that EMF field strength varies in inverse proportion to the distance from the source, so just by placing items further away you will often reduce your electro-pollution. Shielding them better, which is a more expensive option, often need not be done if you just place devices further away.

Here’s where commonsense comes in to play. Normally you would first work on reducing EMF, then microwave radiation pollution, then magnetic fields and then finally the problem of dirty electricity in your home. However, if you live near a cellphone tower, naturally you would try to tackle the microwave radiation problem first. If there is a smart meter installed outside your bedroom wall, you would want to attack the problem of EMF radiation.  If you have previously cleaned up your home sources of EMF, microwave or magnetic field radiation, then you might check for dirty electricity in house wiring, which is basically higher frequencies carried throughout the house electricity that is more biologically active and irritating to humans. All of these   sources of electro-sensitivity issues require EMF protection.

If you sit near computers all day long or use our cellphone a lot, regardless of your home or work environment you should ALWAYS take steps that lower your radiation exposure from these devices. You can find the most useful products on this site, and most people focus on the following:

1. Get  a Trifeld Meter to begin measuring EMF and Magnetic fields in the house. A trifield meter can measure 3 types of potential problems: magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave strength. Next, as 3 Axis RF meter.  Those are the only two meters you really need to get started.

2. Buy  a shielded baseball cap (hat) or Hoodie for when working around strong EMF, microwave, RF and magnetic fields

3. Buy  protective solutions for your cell phone (the Blocksock) and laptop computer (a Harapad) if you often use it on your lap

The following video by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt discusses some of the dangers of the increasing EMF sensitivity of individuals due to exponentially escalating rates of EMF and RF exposure that are affecting cellular metabolism.


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